Blue Gecko Studios is an exciting new collaboration between photographer Ian Winstanley and Director Paul Griffin, combining photographic excellence with creative filmmaking and a solid production knowledge base.

Ian and Paul have both worked extensively in corporate and advertising fields gaining reputations as skilful, imaginative and dependable professionals.

Blue Gecko Studios offer a unique package of moving pictures and still photography allowing clients to get more from their creative. Based in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, the studio offers an in-house edit suite, voice over booth and photographic cove, along with client friendly facilities.



Paul and Ian have worked together on projects for clients such as Avis, Aga and Lotus Cars. Being booked independently as photographer and director. Working on the same set, with same resources, within the same deadlines is not without its challenges. In more recent years this kind of shoot is proving to be popular with agencies suffering ever-shrinking budgets and tighter deadlines, however Blue Gecko Studios believe stretching a budget does not have to compromise the quality of execution.

Developing a solid working relationship with a balanced approach to shooting, the idea is simple; a natural progression, to provide high quality still and moving pictures that harmonize across campaign whilst reducing overall shoot time and production costs.